Internet-Access at Inter II

Dormitory of the Studierendenwerk Mainz

To get Internet Access you have to submit a registration request for your WLAN-Router at the Netzwerk AG.


You can register your WLAN-Router for Internet Access like this.

Computer Setup

If you have no access to a WLAN-Router, you can directly connect your PC.

router setup

With a Router it is possible to connect to the internet via WLAN.


Here are answers for frequently asked questions:

sign out

When you're moving out, you have to sign out at the Netzwerk AG.


In case of unanswered questions just visit our consultation hours or leave us a message.


Um eure Geräte im Netzwerk nutzen zu können, müssen diese registriert werden.

consultation hour

From the simple registration to computer problems we will help you.

online registration

You are a pro? User our online registration

consultation hour

Every thursday von 8-9 pm in house 32, in the bar.

Only routers can be registered in the network, we recommend TP-Link WR841N. The following devices are excluded from registration

  • Modem-Router (for Fritzbox see FAQ)
  • Alle netgear routers
  • Telekom Speedports
  • pcs and macs which can access the network through a router

registration form

To registrate your Device enter your complete Informations here.

Students of the Johannes Gutenberg-University

Your ZDV-username is equal to the login name in Jogustine. Usually you get this two weeks after being accepted at the university.

Students of the Univesity of Applied Sciences Mainz (HS Mainz)

The Studierendenwerk will give you a residents account (wh****). Usually you will get an email with your username. But you have to get your password at the Studierendenwerk

Erasmus Students

You will get your user data durimg the first week of the semester

This is how you find out the MAC-adress of your pc

  1. Press "windows-button" + "R" and type in "cmd"
  2. Type in "getmac" and hit the enter key
  3. We need the mac-address of the "Ethernet LAN Adapter"

If you have a router, the MAC-adress printed on the downside is enough

Some data is incorrect or missing. All fields have to be green to send the form

Internet registration -> do you already have a confirmation? Then go on and plug in the device

Our Consultation hours

Every Thursday 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. in house no. 32

Our Tasks

  • Internet Registration
  • Help with computer and networkproblems

Gerät anschließen

What do I need to know for the plugin? Here is a walkthrogh

Einen Computer anschließen

Einen Router anschließen

I have a router and want to connect it as well as my devices

Laptop oder PC anschließen

Please connect the pc with the ethernet port at your room.

If the relogin appears every two minutes execute a tool.

Router anschließen

Connection over Wifi

Wifi name and password are printed on the downside of the router. If you can´t find your wifi, reset the device. Press the reset button, until all lamps blink at once. It should be visible now.


Verbindung über Ethernet-Kabel

Next steps

The router has to be connected to the port in the wall through the blue port with the network cable


  • I suddenly don't have internet anymore

  • I have to relogin every two minutes

    There are firewall settings in the new TP Link routers that have to be changed

    1. Access to router interface. Type http://192.1168.0.1 in the browser and login with user: admin and pass:admin
    2. Click on menu-item "Security"
    3. Then click on "Advanced Security" in the submenu
    4. Uncheck "Forbid Ping Packet From WAN Port"
    5. Click on "Save"

    Now you should not have to relog every two minutes anymore

    Einstellen der Router Firewall
  • I want to have my own wifi at my room

    To get wifi in your room, you need a router. We recommend TP-Link WR841N. You can send us a photo of the downside of the router for the registration. Please add the following info: ZDV username, first and last name, room number

  • can I join you?

    We are a voluntary unpaid team of helpers. Every resident of the Inter 2 can join us. You do not have to have any deeper knowledge about computers or networks. A big part of our work consists of the simple registration of residents. The copying of data of a resident in a form. If you are interestet in further activities, you can participate in the maintenance of our network or the development of our web presence. During our consultation hours you will get free drinks in the bar. After one semester, you will get a certificate for your voluntary work, that can be helpful in applications

    Interested? Come to our consulation hour

    Thursdays from 8 -9 pm in the bar in house 32 or write us an email

  • How I find out the mac-address of my computer?

    1. Press "windows-button" + "R" and type in "cmd"

    2. Type in "getmac" and hit the enter key

    3. We need the mac-address of the "Ethernet LAN Adapter"

    If you have a router, the MAC-adress printed on the downside is enough

  • Chrome does not trust the connection or certificate

    This is a certificate error. He can be avoided by searching the login site without encrypting:

  • I get the error message: Gateway Timeout

    During rush hours, e.g. during exams, it can come to connection breakdowns sometimes. Just try reconnecting after five minutes. But in no case will the internet be unavailable for longer than 30 minutes. Please try restarting your devices first and then go to the login-site. If you still can´t connect, you can contact us.

  • I have a AVM Fritzbox and want to use it

    modem router (as Fritzbox) will work at the dormitory only under two conditions

    The modem-router must support the router-only-mode (without modem function) Using the AVM Fritzbox as a cascaded router (german language)

    The modem-router has to answer icmp-requests.
    This depends on the Fritzbox model -> If you are forced to relogin every two minutes then the icmp-request has not been answered.

    You have to set a exception

    To unlock the Fritzbox we need the LAN mac address. (It`s explained under point 2), please send us the mac-address and include in the e-mail you zdv-username (jostustine), your name and room number. You get confirmation and you can try to get the Fritzbox working.

    Using a router (not modem-router) is less complicated.
    We recommed the TP-Link WR841N. You can buy it at the conrad near the main station west (Hbf. West) or on request from us.

  • I can't find my WLAN network

    The WLAN Network name (SSID) is usually printed on the router

  • my internet is very slow

    If you're using Wifi try to chance the Wifi-channel.


You internet access is already activated and you have a problem which the FAQ didn't solve. This is how you contact us:

Über uns

We are the network group of the dormitory Inter II. Our tasks include the registration of new users as well as the maintaining of our network infrastructure.

  • We are looking for voluntary helpers

  • Are you interested? Meet us during our consultation hours

    • Donnerstags von 20 - 21 Uhr in Haus 32 Erdgeschoss
  • or write us an email to